Accepted papers

This is the list of accepted papers at CMMNO13 conference!

Authors: Adrian D. Nembhard, Jyoti K. Sinha, Andrew J. Pinkerton, Keri Elbhbah
Title: Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines using Vibration and Bearing temperature Measurements

Authors: Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo, Jyoti K. Sinha, Keri Elbhbah
Title: HOS Analysis of Measured Vibration Data on Rotating Machines with Different Simulated Faults

Authors: Vladimir Anakhin, Timur Anakhin
Title: The Principles of Operation and Equipment Design in Modelling of Separating-System Dynamics

Authors: María Jesús Gómez, Cristina Castejón, Juan Carlos García-Prada
Title: Incipient fault detection in bearings through the use of WPT energy and neural networks

Authors: Robert B. Randall, Nader Sawalhi
Title: Cepstral Removal of Periodic Spectral Components from Time Signals

Authors: Pavle Boškoski, Matej Gašperin, Dejan Petelin
Title: Signal complexity and Gaussian process models approach for bearing remaining useful life estimation

Authors: Bassel Assaad, Mario Eltabach
Title: Vibration Monitoring of winch epicyclic gearboxes using cyclostationarity and autoregressive signal model

Authors: Walace de Souza Pacheco, Fernando Augusto de Noronha Castro Pinto
Title: Bearing Fault Detection Using Beamforming Technique and Artificial Neural Networks

Authors: William Jacobs, Rene Boonen, Paul Sas, David Moens
Title: Estimating Rolling Element Bearing Stiffness Under Different Operational Conditions Through Modal Analysis

Authors: Nader Sawalhi, Robert B. Randall
Title: Gear Parameter identification in Wind Turbines using diagnostic analysis of gearbox vibration signals

Authors: Omar D Mohammed, Matti Rantatalo
Title: Performance of time domain indicators for gear tooth root crack detection and their noise- sensitivity

Authors: Nikolaos G. Athanasopoulos, Pantelis N. Botsaris
Title: A comparative analysis of detecting bearing fault, using infrared thermography, vibration analysis and air-borne sound

Authors: Kenza BOUHOUNE, Krim YAZID, Mohamed-Seghir BOUCHERIT
Title: Artificial Neural Networks-based Decoupling Approach in the Vector Control Block of the Single-Phase Induction Machine

Authors: Marcello Bonfe', Paolo Castaldi, Nicola Preda, Silvio Simani
Title: Nonlinear geometric approach to friction estimation and compensation

Authors: Adeline Bourdon, Didier Rémond, Simon Chesné, Hugo André
Title: Reconstruction of the Instantaneous Angular Speed Variations caused by a spall defect on a rolling bearing outer ring correlated with the length of the defect.

Authors: Mourad Kedadouche, Marc Thomas, Antoine Tahan
Title: Empirical Mode Decomposition of Acoustic Emission for Early Detection of Bearing Defects

Authors: Thameur Kidar, Marc Thomas, Mohamed Elbadaoui, Raynald Guilbault
Title: Phase monitoring by ESPRIT with sliding window and Hilbert Transform for early detection of gear cracks

Authors: I. Cozorici, H. Balan, R. A. Munteanu, P. Karaisas
Title: Software Applications for Wind Turbine Vibrations Analysis

Authors: Tobias Pinner, Hermann Sommer Obando, Georg Moeser, Wolfgang Burger
Title: Monitoring lathe tool’s wear condition by Acoustic Emission Technology

Authors: A. Fernández del Rincón, R. Cerdá, M. Iglesias, A. de-Juan, P. García, F. Viadero
Title: Test Bench for the analysis of dynamic behavior of planetary gear transmissions

Authors: H. Balan, M. I. Buzdugan, P. Karaisas
Title: Fault Identification on Electrical Machines Based on Experimental Analysis

Authors: Francesco Castellani, Alberto Garinei, Ludovico Terzi, Davide Astolfi, Michele Moretti, Andrea Lombardi
Title: Advanced data mining techniques for power performance verification of an on-shore wind farm

Authors: Antonio Palermo, Jan Anthonis, Domenico Mundo, Wim Desmet
Title: A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments. Part I: Design.

Authors: Jacek Urbanek, Marcin Straczkiewicz, Tomasz Barszcz
Title: Joint power-speed representation of vibration features. Application to wind turbine planetary gearbox.

Authors: Emilio Di Lorenzo, Simone Manzato, Bart Peeters, Herman Van der Auweraer
Title: Virtual assessment of damage detection techniques for operational wind turbine.

Authors: Mhmod Hamel, Abdulmajid Addali, David Mba
Title: Investigation of the influence of oil film thickness on helical gear defect detection using Acoustic Emission

Authors: J. Antunes, L. Borsoi, X. Delaune, P. Piteau
Title: Simple relations for estimating the unknown functions of incomplete experimental spectral and correlation response matrices

Authors: Alberto Martini, Marco Troncossi, Alessandro Rivola, Davide Nascetti
Title: Preliminary investigations on automatic detection of leaks in water distribution networks by means of vibration monitoring

Authors: Nasser Al-Mushifri, Khalid F. Abdulraheem, Waleed Abdul-Karim

Authors: Pawel Rzeszucinski, James R. Ottewill
Title: Parallel Autoregressive modeling (PAR) as a tool for diagnosing localized gear tooth faults

Authors: Lodovico Menozzi, Wenyu Zhao, Edzel Lapira
Title: Data-driven Wind Turbine Power Generation Performance Assessment using NI LabVIEW's Watchdog Agent Toolkit

Authors: Andrea Vania, Paolo Pennacchi, Steven Chatterton
Title: Parametric Analysis Focused on Non-linear Forces in Oil-film Journal Bearings

Authors: Khalid DAHI, Soumia EL HANI, Said GUEDIRA, Nabil NGOTE
Title: Fault diagnosis in induction motor using motor's residual stator current signature analysis

Authors: Tomasz Barszcz, Andrzej Bielecki, Mateusz Wjcik, Marzena Bielecka
Title: ART-2 artificial neural networks applications for classification of vibration signals and operational states of wind turbines for intelligent monitoring

Authors: Pietro Borghesani, Roberto Ricci, Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi
Title: Diagnostic of rolling element bearings with envelope analysis in non-stationary conditions

Authors: Steven Chatterton, Roberto Ricci, Paolo Pennacchi, Pietro Borghesani
Title: Signal Processing Diagnostic Tool for Rolling Element Bearings Using EMD & MED

Authors: O. Cardona-Morales, D. Alvarez-Marin, G. Castellanos-Dominguez
Title: Condition Monitoring under non-stationary operating conditions using time-frequency representation-based dynamic features

Authors: H. Fandiño-Toro, O. Cardona-Morales, C. Garcia-Alvarez, G. Castellanos-Dominguez
Title: Bearing Fault Identification using Watershed-based Thresholding Method

Authors: Tabrizi A. , Garibaldi L. , Fasana A. , Marchesiello S.
Title: Influence of stopping criterion for sifting process of Empirical Mode Decomposition technique (EMD) on roller bearing fault diagnosis

Authors: Tilen Thaler, Primož Potocnik, Edvard Govekar
Title: Experimental characterization of chatter in band sawing

Authors: Adam Jablonski, Tomasz Barszcz, Piotr Wiciak
Title: Non-clustering method for automatic selection of machine operational states

Title: Analytical and numerical study of the influence of Hartmann number on the stress coefficient of pulsatile flow in the cylindrical conduct

Authors: M. Karray, F. Chaari, A. Fdez Del Rincon, F. Viadero , M. Haddar
Title: Modulation sidebands of planetary gear set

Authors: Antonio Palermo, Jan Anthonis, Domenico Mundo, Wim Desmet
Title: A novel gear test rig with adjustable shaft compliance and misalignments. Part II: Instrumentation.

Authors: Huss Weronika
Title: An application of statistical tools in the identification of the transient vibrations of bucket-wheel excavators under random loads

Authors: Jakub Obuchowski, Agnieszka Wylomanska, Radoslaw Zimroz
Title: The local maxima method for enhancement of time-frequency map

Authors: K. Janssens, L. Britte
Title: Comparison of torsional vibration measurement techniques

Authors: Jacek Dybala, Adam Galezia
Title: A novel method of gearbox health vibration monitoring using Empirical Mode Decomposition

Authors: Marco Malago, Emiliano Mucchi, Giorgio Dalpiaz
Title: Effectiveness of advanced vibration processing techniques for fault detection in heavy duty wheels

Authors: Sergio Cervo, Alessandro Petrucci, Maria Cristina Valigi
Title: Chatter Marks and Vibration Analysis in a S6-high cold rolling mill

Authors: Michele Cotogno, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini
Title: Spatial acceleration modulus for rolling elements bearing diagnostics

Authors: Spagnol Marco, Bregant Luigi
Title: Instantaneous Angular Speed: Encoder-Counter estimation compared with vibration data

Authors: Edyta Brzychczy, Piotr Lipinski, Radoslaw Zimroz, Patryk Filipiak
Title: Artificial Immune Systems for Data Classification in Planetary Gearboxes Condition Monitoring

Authors: Alessandro Carandina, Mirko Morini, Claudio Pavan, Michele Pinelli

Authors: Walter Bartelmus, Radoslaw Zimroz
Title: Gearbox condition monitoring procedures

Authors: Milena Martarelli, Paolo Chiariotti, Enrico Primo Tomasini
Title: Envelope Cepstrum based method for rolling bearing diagnostics

Authors: Mohamed ELAJRAMI, Farouk BOUKHOULDA

Authors: Mohamed ELAJRAMI, Farouk BOUKHOULDA
Title: Optimisation of drilling parameters of rivet holes with the design of experiments method

Authors: Carlo Rainieri, Giovanni Fabbrocino
Title: Numerical investigations on the accuracy of an automated modal identification technique

Authors: Pawel Kepski, Bartlomiej Gren, Tomasz Barszcz
Title: Advanced testing of heavy duty gearboxes in non-stationary operational conditions